Friday, June 15, 2012

Bill to Let Tax-Exempt Groups Back Candidates

Since 1954, a federal statute has forbidden tax exempt organizations, including houses of worship, to endorse or oppose candidates for public office.
The Religious Right wants churches to campaign for candidates. Members of Congress have repeatedly introduced bills to exempt houses of worship from the law, but they have failed.
The most recent version, H.R. 3600, would allow all tax-exempt groups to campaign for or against candidates.
If you think tax-exempt groups should not campaign for or against candidates, please tell your representative. If you would like to send a ready-made message, try this.
        Dear Rep. Doe,
Please reject H.R. 3600, which would allow tax-exempt organizations to campaign
        for or against candidates.
Sincerely yours,
Your name
To Identify Your Congress Member
If you know your zip code plus four, you can take the following steps.
1. Google U.S. House of Representatives
2. Click on Find Your Representative.
3. A dialogue box will appear. Enter your zip code plus four. Click on Find Your Rep By Zip
4. Your representative’s name will appear.
5. Click on the picture of an envelope. Your representative’s contact page will appear. You will see an email form. You can write your letter there. Somewhere on the page, you will see the address of your representative’s local office. If you want to send a letter by U.S. mail, use the local address. Congress’ mail service has never recovered from the anthrax scare several years ago.
To Learn Your Zip Plus Four
Call the U.S. Post Office, 1-800-275-8777 or
1. Google zip code plus four
2. Click on Lookup
3. A dialogue box will appear. Fill it in. Click Find.
4. Your zip code plus four will appear.

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