Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candidates: School Vouchers, N.Y. & U.S.

MCPEARL (Monroe Citizens for Public Education and Religious Liberty), a Monroe County, N.Y. coalition, strives to keep public funds for public schools only. In election years, MCPEARL seeks the views of major-party candidates running in Monroe County about public funds for nonpublic schools.

Candidates for U.S. Senate from N.Y. State

Gillibrand, Long
Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat, voted against a bill to revive a federal tuition voucher program—the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP)—in the District of Columbia.
In June, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise reported that Wendy Long, Republican, “said she supports vouchers to let parents decide where to send their children to school.”


Candidates for U.S. President

Obama, Romney
Barack Obama, Democrat, opposed the reauthorization of the District of Columbia tuition voucher program.
In June, the New York Times reported that Mitt Romney, Republican, “as president, would seek to overhaul the federal government’s largest programs for kindergarten through 12th grade into a voucherlike system. Students would be free to use the $25 billion in federal money to attend any school they choose—public, charter, onine or private.”

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