Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bill Would Convert U.S. Education Aid to Vouchers

Under U.S. Senate bill S.1968, the Scholarships for Kids Act, states could spend tax-raised federal education dollars on tuition grants for poor children to attend private schools, including religious ones.

Participating states need not “submit any standards for academic content or student academic achievement for review or approval.”

The beneficiary private schools could discriminate among children on the basis of sex.

Religious schools could advance religion.

If a they did, the voucher students would have to take the lessons and participate in the worship.

Religious schools could hire and fire on a religious basis.

The federal government would assess the program, but it could not require the state to collect any information that it would not otherwise collect.

For instance, a state could refuse to provide information about the effect of the vouchers on court-ordered racial integration of public schools.

No federal employee could exercise any supervision over “the instructional content or materials, curriculum, program of instruction.”

U.S. postal service to Congress has never recovered from the anthrax scare. If you send letters to your U.S. Senators, please address their local offices.

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